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Vex Yoga

24002 Vía Fabricante #208, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, USA

Vex Yoga in Mission Viejo offers semi-private yoga classes that will help an individual to develop their sense of flexibility, stability, muscle and cardiac function. You can choose a class with a flow that best fit your body and needs.

Their yoga studio is a comfortable place for first-timers and advanced yoga students.

Each class has a limited number of students to provide personal attention.


  • Vex Yoga Flow – this class is perfect for those who are stressed about all the social expectations in life. It’ll help you let go of all the negative emotions and embrace everything about yourself. Expect rock music played louder than usual in this class.
  • Vinyasa – this energizing class focuses on strengthening, toning, and stretching your body. Level 1-2 class.
  • Gentle Flow – this is a slow flow yoga which emphasizes on stretching and holding poses for a longer time. Level 1 class.
  • Restorative Flow – this class involves melting into deep poses to help your mind and body restored. Level 1 class.


  • 1 Class – $15
  • 5 Classes – $69 ($13.78/class)
  • 10 Classes – $126 ($12.60/class)
  • 15 Classes – $179 ($11.93/class)


  • 8 Classes – $84/month ($75.60 3 Month Autopay Discount)
  • 12 Classes – $89/month ($80.10 3 Month Autopay Discount)
  • 16 Classes – $94/month ($84.60 3 Month Autopay Discount)
  • UNLIMITED – $99/month ($89.10 3 Month Autopay Discount)

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