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Where to Stay

For years, travelers around Orange County have considered Mission Viejo as one of the best destinations to relax in Southern California. When traveling to Mission Viejo, it’s best to know what kind of options you have in the city. Whether it’s staying at a hotel, Airbnb, or even a bed and breakfast, provides you with the latest directory of places to stay.

Knowing where to stay in Mission Viejo can turn around a good trip into the best.

Here are the top places to stay in Mission Viejo.


Hotels are the number one choices for people who wish to enjoy luxury while away from their homes. Premiere hotels in Mission Viejo offer stunning amenities. They sit in strategic locations that provide access to local destinations like restaurants, and shopping centers. Below are the hotels in Mission Viejo you can choose from:


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Ayres Hotel & Spa Mission Viejo

28951 Los Alisos Blvd Mission Viejo, CA, 92692
(949) 305-7200

Ayres Suites Mission Viejo

28941 Los Alisos Blvd Mission Viejo, CA, 92692
(949) 455-2545

Fairfield Inn by Marriott Mission Viejo

26328 Oso Pkwy Mission Viejo, CA, 92691
(949) 582-7100

Hampton Inn & Suites Mission Viejo

28682 Marguerite Pkwy Mission Viejo, CA, 92692
(949) 429-5222

Inns/ bed and breakfast

Hotels can have stunning amenities, but they may not attract travelers who wish to keep the game on a tight budget. Inns/bed and bed and breakfast offer comfortable board and lodging choices in Mission Viejo without paying for the unnecessary extra luxuries. These choices are ideal for people staying over for a short period in the city. Pick your bet below and book while rooms last.

Lavender BnB

21087 Lavender Mission Viejo, California 92691 United States

Smart Breakfast

28621 Marguerite Pkwy Mission Viejo, California 92692 United States


Motels are also an excellent choice for travelers looking for a place to stay without the need for extra space a hotel offers. Traveling can sometimes mean enjoying the outside environment more than staying inside the hotel room. Motels give you enough space to sleep without the extra fees like famous hotels does.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals have been home to many travelers for many years. Its industry skyrockets and shows no sign of slowing down. As traveling in Mission Viejo can mean days of staying in a home away from home, vacation rentals live by its promise in giving a home-like environment for travelers.

This choice can be the best answer to the question ‘Where to stay in Mission Viejo?’ It gives the traveler the liberty to have more options. Whether a quiet beach retreat is what a traveler wants or a home by the lake and mountains, vacation rentals in Mission Viejo can have these advantages. Wherever you want to be, there can be a rental for you and your family or friends.

Choosing where to stay in Mission Viejo can depend on the budget and the purpose of the travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, this city offers more than what eyes can see. Select among these choices and enjoy the advantages of each.

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