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Mission Viejo Tourism Statistics

Mission Viejo Tourism Statistics

Orange County is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of California. The visitor’s volume in all of Orange County has reached an estimate of 48.2 million people as of 2016. It’s important to note that more and more people are converting from tourists to residents every year, allowing for more growth in the Orange County population.

The surge of visitors in Orange County came back strong after the big recession of 2008. One of the drivers for this increase is amusement park tourism. Orange County is filled with some of the top theme parks in the world including Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Adventure City and many more.

No matter how successful Orange County might seem to be, there is also something that people frequently overlook. That is the cultural vibe of the local cities throughout Orange County.

Mission Viejo is one of America’s most successful master-planned communities. The community also holds one of the lowest crime rates in the entire Orange County. This rate is the reason why it’s also one of the most livable cities in Orange County and the US.

The city is filled with suburban neighborhoods, parks, and business complexes that host very competitive job opportunities. What’s great about Mission Viejo is you can have a chill, quiet, backyard barbeque with friends and neighbors and still have the excitement of big cities within a short driving distance.

Why should you visit Mission Viejo?

Despite the small signs of Mission Viejo’s tourism statistics, it compensates for its residential number. The community is one of the cities that is ideal for building a family. You must also not neglect the reason why you should visit Mission Viejo.

Here are the reasons why you should come and visit Mission Viejo:

1. Serenity and Peace. Going up to amusement parks may sound like a great idea, which it is, can be stuffing. It’s crowded, and too many people line up for a ride. It’d eventually just waste your day away.

2. There are beautiful places in Mission Viejo that are hidden in plain view. They have hiking trails, virtual gaming pubs, bowling arenas, golf courses and other activities that you can do under the sun.

3. The restaurants in Mission Viejo aren’t just upscale but are also superb. Have a gastro feast at Mission Viejo with their must-try restaurants. Not only that you have to feast your eyes with the ambiance, but you’ll also get to have a taste of Mission Viejo’s local delicacies and culture.

4. There are plenty of parks to go in Mission Viejo. Take your kids and let them play with the parks in Mission Viejo. Since, the IT giant, Microsoft can be found here, you can take your kids to Microsoft camp and let them have a day filled with lessons and fun.

Who says you can’t have fun even if people tend to overlook you? There’s plenty of things that you can do in Mission Viejo. Their tourism statistics may not contend with the best, but the place is a diamond in the rough waiting for the right time to shine. So what are you waiting for? Visit Mission Viejo now.

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