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The Best Mission Viejo Neighborhoods for Raising Families

Raising a family can be a great challenge. But making the right decisions can lighten the load and makes you appreciate more the essence of having a family, just like choosing the right neighborhood where to raise your family.

The community where you live can make a big impact on the lives of the whole family especially your children. Here’s what you should have in your list of finding the right neighborhood for you and your family.

  • Kid-Friendly Amenities
  • Proximity to Shops and Restaurants
  • Safe Environment – Low Crime Rate
  • Great and Accessible Schools
  • Cost of Living
  • Accessible Healthcare Provider
  • Cable, Internet, and Utilities

The largest master-planned community in Southern California is undeniably one of the best towns to live in Southern California. Mission Viejo boasts beautiful neighborhoods that have the ideal family feel to it. Many families with children chose to live here. There are nearby schools, low crime rate than average for the whole country, find family-oriented services.

There are about 20 neighborhoods in Mission Viejo. So to make it easier to find the right place for your family, we’ve narrowed down your best options. See our list below for the best Mission Viejo neighborhoods for raising families!


Area: 0.164 square miles
Population: 1,436
Population density: 6,450 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $199,213
SCHOOLS: Barcelona Hills Elementary, Newhart Middle School, Capistrano Valley High

Image of a big house

Stoneridge in Mission Viejo

Stoneridge is a gated community and one of the best Mission Viejo neighborhoods for raising families. Houses are single detached family homes ranging from 2,500 to 4,000 square feet. Living here lets you catch the perfect view of the sunset in Mission Viejo.

Aside from nearby schools, residents can also conveniently find establishments essential for everyday living — restaurants, retail stores, groceries, hardware, car services, and more.


Area: 0.095 square miles
Population: 6,562
Population density: 5,798 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $95,359
Schools: Bathgate Elementary School, Newhart Middle, Capistrano Valley High

Image of a Neighborhoods

Califia in Mission Viejo

At the eastern border of Mission Viejo is where you can find the community of Califia. It’s one of the great neighborhoods in the city where you can raise a family well. Great bike trails and running trails are around the area as well.

The whole family will get to enjoy places that offer food and drinks in the area. There are restaurants, a pizza place, coffee shop, steakhouse, and more. The Pavilions Grocery Store is also just around the corner. For entertainment, Edwards Kaleidoscope 10 is a short distance away to catch up with the latest flicks.

Quail Run

Area: 0.151 square miles
Population: 909
Population density: 1,922 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $142,412
Schools: Bathgate Elementary School, Newhart Middle, Capistrano Valley High

Image of neighborhood

Quail Run in Mission Viejo

If you want a smaller community to raise your family in Mission Viejo, Quail Run can be the best choice. Families will live every day while enjoying the view of the canyon and more of the city’s nature.

Eat out with the whole family with restaurants around the area. Trader Joe’s is also accessible from the community and other establishments essential for families.


Area: 0.144 square miles
Population: 946
Population density: 4,082 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $79,971
Schools: Mission Montessori, Robin Hood Montessori School, Carl Hankey K-8 School, Viejo Elementary School, Capistrano Valley High School, Saddleback College

Image of Neighborhood

Hillcrest in Mission Viejo

Hillcrest may have homes that of high value, but if you can afford, it’s worth all the price. It’s a well-established neighborhood that continues to attract families who wish to settle in Orange County.

Schools, grocery stores, bookstore, and food places are easy to spot from the neighborhood. Families will have a good time living in a cozy home while enjoying the perks of a family-oriented community.

California Crest

Area: 0.121 square miles
Population: 1,008
Population density: 8,311 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $147,776
Schools: Stratford School – Mission Viejo, Viejo Elementary School, La Paz Intermediate School, Silverado High School, Trabuco Hills High School

California Crest is one of the upscale neighborhoods in Mission Viejo that’s great for families. The community features well-established and midsize homes with four bedrooms and two bathrooms that are of high value.

Establishments that help to raise a family a lot better are close to proximity. Restaurants and retail stores are just around the neighborhood. You and your family can easily go on day trips as well.

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