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Retire in Mission Viejo

Retire in Mission Viejo

Living near your work is no longer necessary as you retire. Relocating may be considerable since you can finally have the freedom to choose a home where comfort meets low-cost living. In Mission Viejo, retirees can enjoy the benefits that this city allows.

From public transportation advantages to health care programs, more advantages await as you choose to retire in Mission Viejo.

Reasons to retire in Mission Viejo

Easy access to transportation

Gone are the times when you need to drive by yourself. Some may prefer to operate on their own, but others may see public transportation as an excellent alternative.

Mission Viejo has regular train and bus services for people of all ages. Retirees can avail the city initiative called Senior Dial-A-Taxi Program. This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for qualified residents from 60 years old and above. Residents must register to use this. Its service boundaries include the limits of Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo. There’s an additional $5 customer fee per one way trip within a specified service area.


America’s Health Rankings® found out that Mission Viejo ranks as the top 15 regarding health care quality throughout the country.

Below are the details of the research results in 2014:

  • Affordability & Access Rank: rank #14
  • Choice of Setting & Provider: rank #2
  • Quality of Life & Quality of Care: rank #24
  • Support for Family Caregivers: rank 24

Finding a city with excellent health care benefits is one of the most important aspects of looking for a place to retire. As retirees may need delicate care, it’s best to choose a community with optimum health services.


The general climate in Mission Viejo is also known as a local steppe climate. It means that there’s little rain in this city. The average temperature of this place is 16.7 °C.

California air is for those who prefer the sunny side of the world. It doesn’t rain much, and the temperature indicates that retirees can enjoy beautiful weathers year-round. The more manageable the weather, the more worthwhile things to accomplish.

Affordable Housing for retirees

Mission Viejo has 7 affordable housing sites specially made for retirees. Areas with low-cost housing have more than 150 units. The city funds these apartment homes in partnership with California Housing Finance Agency. Residents earning 60% or below of the Orange County median income can afford these houses. Beautiful courtyards and different floor plans are available.

Retiring in a city with affordable housing helps you save money and allocate them for more important aspects of your new life.

Steady population growth

Mission Viejo has an estimated population of 97,209 as of 2014. With this data, this city comprises 0.25% of total California state population. Estimates show that by 2018, there may be around 101,276. The steady growth of population in this city can be related to its sustained economic growth. The better the economy, the more services can be available for its citizens. Mission Viejo shows how it values its people especially the retirees by developing services for this sector.

Scenic beauty

Mission Viejo is full of scenic drive and beautiful places to behold. As retirement lets you have more time for yourself and your family, this city lets you explore the splendor of the rolling hills and cherish its fresh air. Lots of neighborhoods in this city provide breathtaking sceneries.

Peaceful locals

The median age of Mission Viejo as of 2016 is 44. Native-born citizens have a median age of 41. This set is pretty much younger than foreign-born citizens which has a median age of 51. This statistic can help you understand the conditions in this city. This community has people that support peaceful environment as retirees do.


Apart from the economic advantages of this city, there are also fitness and health advantages this place has. Many classes, activities and senior support services are available every day. Retirees may head to Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center. Most fitness services are free for seniors. There’s no age limit in getting fit in this city.

Plan your retirement of time. Do it with your trusted personnel or do a personal search. Retire in Mission Viejo and enjoy the beautiful things this city offers.


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