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Reasons to Settle Down in Mission Viejo

Reasons to Settle Down in Mission Viejo

In this world, we all want to live a life where we feel like we belong. Per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the third level of human needs is interpersonal, and this involves the feeling of belongingness. That’s why we go on different lengths and different measures to find a place where we truly belong. In Mission Viejo, many people found a place to settle down and lived there for a long time.

According to 24/7 Wall Street, Mission Viejo is the best city in California to live. Albeit being one of the cities that has a high cost of living, Mission Viejo is still on top of the rankings. Like how did that happen? Well, here are the reasons to settle down in Mission Viejo.

Less Crime

Mission Viejo is a livable city, and its residents pretty well watch the neighborhoods. There are no significant crimes here like in any large cities. There are some petty crimes which are standard in all towns where people do live. These petty crimes may involve theft and car burglaries. However, that is just about it. At least you won’t get mugged or robbed in broad daylight.


One of the best places to live in is where the weather is agreeable to you or not. Mission Viejo is a great place to live because of its weather patterns. There’s a rarity that it gets super cold in the winters, and the summers have just about a perfect amount of heat to it. The weather is ideal in this part of southern California, and it goes to show why people will do just about anything to move to Mission Viejo. Plus it doesn’t snow, and there are no hurricanes or tornados. There are no records of mudslides or flooding, and it may rain hard once in a while, but it doesn’t happen much often and not for long.

The Neighborhoods!

What is the purpose of living in a good city if your neighbors suck? Right? However, in Mission Viejo, there are plenty of beautiful areas to live in. Not just because they’re located practically, beautifully and strategically, but mainly because of the people that live in the neighborhood too. One of the most beautiful and indeed the most expensive neighborhood are the ones in is Mission Viejo Lake. It is the lake is between Olympiad Rd, Marguerite Parkway, and Alicia Pkwy. The houses surround the lake, which is just over 18 square miles in size. Most people who live in the neighborhood are affluent.

Access to Schools and Education

Mission Viejo is filled with excellent schools, and most of them have the highest ratings from So you can be assured that your kids’ education is in the best of hands in this town.

Access to One of the Best Hospitals

One of the most significant advantages of a particular city is its access to health care. Finding a great hospital with equally great doctors are hard to find these days. Mission Viejo has one of the best hospitals in the Orange County. The Mission Hospital is one of the best in the county, and it is a full-service medical center including its famous trauma department.

The Downtown Area

There are plenty of places to hang out after a great day. There are The Shops at Mission Viejo. The Shops is a great mall, and it has all the best name brands and chain stores. There are even movie theaters there and plenty of restaurants you can eat out. So you could conceivably spend the whole day there just having a great time.

Access to the Best Restaurants

When we talk about food and eats, Mission Viejo is on a mission to serve you and your palate. Antonucci’s is a superb Italian place, and then there’s The New Shogun is one of the premier Japanese restaurants in all of Orange County. These two restaurants are just one of the few that you can go to. There are plenty of diversity here in Mission Viejo and make it a lifetime mission to find the best ones when you live here.

Other Tourist Attractions

Mission Viejo is packed with the best tourists spots in the Orange County. There’s Lake Mission Viejo, where you can camp, fish or take your kids boating and swimming. Whether or not you’re a tourist or a resident, there’s always something good for you.

A Place for Singles and Retirees

Mission Viejo is a place where singles can mingle, and retirees can live up to their potential. Retirees can perfectly relax here because there is a designated community for them. There are a couple of facilities that cater to the needs of the retirees without making them feel old. There are also plenty of restaurants and nightspots for singles out there who are in search of their soulmate.

Less Noise

The only noise you’d be hearing comes from the San Diego Freeway runs through Mission Viejo. Other than that, it’s a relatively quiet town, and that’s what we want, right? The lesser noise, the lesser stress.

So those were our ten reasons to settle down in Mission Viejo. Just a fair tip though, Mission Viejo is an upscale city. It’s expensive to live in, but with all these benefits that you can get out from the city, it is but only fair, right? Nothing is too expensive when they’re worth it. Your safety, health, lifestyle, and living is worth it. So, when are you planning to settle down in Mission Viejo?

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