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Mission Viejo Real Estate

Mission Viejo Real Estate

Mission Viejo is known for its competitive real estate market. Houses are usually sold quickly and have multiple bids. It’s rare to find fixer-uppers in this area. Most homes are priced at the top of the market and demand tons of attraction from potential buyers.

To help potential homebuyers and sellers in Mission Viejo, we have dedicated pages for selling and buying homes in this city. Whether you are searching for a single family home for your family or a upscale condo, you can use our directory portal to find exclusive listings only found on

We understand that choosing a new home can be based on the neighborhood or in-home amenities. To give you optimum search results, using our directory, you can research communities in the city and every home type in the Orange County Real Estate areas.


Mission Viejo belongs to the many captivating suburbs in south Orange County. You can enjoy it in more ways than one. Start knowing more about this city through its many neighborhoods.


Kids and kids at heart have a place to laugh and be merry in the parks in Mission Viejo.


Walk a mile or more without traveling far. Pick a hiking trail in Mission Viejo and get ready for those captivating views as you go.


Befriend Mission Viejo’s real estate scene on your advantage. Start it by knowing more about the recently sold homes in the city.


With more sunny days than the rest of the country, Mission Viejo is an instant piece of paradise.


Home to many academic wins, schools in Mission Viejo welcome learners of any level. Find the ones best for your needs here.

Why You Should Invest in a Mission Viejo, CA Real Estate

Mission Viejo, an upscale city in southern Orange County, is primarily a residential, suburban city with 97,997 people. There are several single-family homes, condominiums, a college, and a regional mall in this planned community. Lake Mission Viejo, a mile-long artificial lake in the city center, is a private association for Mission Viejo homeowners. It has custom waterfront residences, boat rentals, and swim beaches, with architecture that is nearly uniformly Spanish mission-style, with "adobe"-like stucco walls and barrel tile roofs on houses and shopping facilities.

ZIP Codes:

  • Mission Viejo, CA 92692
  • Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Mission Viejo, CA 92690
  • Mission Viejo, CA 92653

Check out these city data to help you identify prospective properties in the area.



Since the turn of the century in the year 2000, the population of Mission Viejo has increased by around 3,000 people. Mission Viejo currently has a population of 94,375 people, with a median age of 45. With a typical household income of $119,798, it's a wealthy and upscale community.

According to the demographics of Mission Viejo, the population is roughly 67 percent Caucasian, 16 percent Hispanic or Latino, 10% Asian, and 2% Black or African American. When it comes to gender, there are roughly 51 percent females and 49 percent males in the population.

Cost Of Living

Even though it isn't the most expensive city in the state, Mission Viejo is quite pricey. Mission Viejo has a cost of living that is roughly 21% more than the California average and 71% higher than the national average. Housing and healthcare costs are greater than the state averages, although grocery, transportation, and local utility costs are cheaper.

Mission Viejo, California, Homes for sale range from small single-family residences to big lots with lavish homes. Homeownership is around three-quarters of the population in Mission Viejo, with a total percentage of about 77 percent. A property in Mission Viejo costs around $780,000 on average, with a typical sale price of $407 per square foot.

Anyone moving to Mission Viejo with the goal of leasing, on the other hand, will be joining the area's additional 23% of residents. In Mission Viejo, the average rent is $2,144 per month. A one-bedroom apartment will cost around $1,911 per month, while a two-bedroom would cost about $2,353 per month.

Beautiful Neighborhoods

Mission Viejo, which covers over 18 square miles, is the country's largest master-planned region created as a single project. It's also one of the safest places in the state, with Mission Viejo areas ranked as the eighth safest city. Local crime rates in Mission Viejo are considered to be 61 percent . It's lower than the national average, making it a safe place for your family to live in. In Mission Viejo, the overall crime rate is only 11 per 1,000 people.


In Mission Viejo, there are 13,576 children between the ages of 5 and 17, accounting for nearly 14% of the city's total population. Most of these students are enrolled in Capistrano Unified School District or Saddleback Valley Unified School District educational programs.

Parents can choose from many outstanding schools, including:

  • De Portola Elementary School, Oxford Preparatory Academy
  • Carl Hankey Middle School
  • Newhart Middle School
  • Trabuco Hills High School
  • Capistrano Valley High School

Although there are no colleges in town, people may easily reach the Soka University of America, Laguna College of Art and Design, as well as the prestigious University of California-Irvine. Mission Viejo is only 15 miles away from all of these secondary schools.

Wrap Up

Suppose you're looking for a new home in Mission Viejo. In that case, you can check multiple listing data appearing on Coldwell Banker Realty, Keller Williams Realty, First Team Real Estate, Sterling Pacific Real Estate, Evergreen Realty, Active Realty Inc., and more. Real estate in Mission Viejo features homes with large backyards and pleasant neighbors. Many gated communities offer excellent amenities and outdoor comfort options. There are luxurious residences as well as more inexpensive properties in this location to suit any budget.

Make sure to contact a real estate professional and listing agent. There are virtual open houses available, or you can schedule a personal inspection.

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