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Mission Viejo Animal Shelter

Every animal deserves loving care. And like humans, they need shelter. With stray animals roaming on the streets in Mission Viejo, animal advocates work together to give proper treatment to every stray animal.

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center aims to provide care, safety, and control of animals that wander off the streets or mistreated by their owners. These warmhearted volunteers first took responsibility for stray animals of the City of Aliso Viejo since 2009. On January 2017, they extended their services to the towns of Laguna Hills and Rancho Santa Margarita.

The pet-friendly facility provides a range of services. Some of their services include rescuing distressed animals, issuing citations, and providing them with a healthy and safe environment for them.

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is there to help you in case you lose your pet or want to adopt one. Also, they have a foster care program where you can take care of impounded animals. Here you’ll have a chance to take care of animals before they permanently find a suitable home.

If you’re someone who has a soft heart for these cute animals, you can participate in their programs. For more information, call (949) 470-3045 or visit the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center at 28095 Hillcrest, Mission Viejo, CA. You can

The Animal Services Officers are open to serve everyone daily from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM. If you need to report an incident, ask questions, or offer suggestions, you can send an e-mail at

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