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A Guide to Improving and Remodeling Your Mission Viejo Home

A Guide to Improving and Remodeling Your Mission Viejo Home


You found a home with the perfect favorite location, and it came at an excellent price! It also sits on an ideal lot. Now, this sounds the best southern California treat you can ever have. All these factors are perfect, but the home itself? You might find yourself scratching your head, thinking about why it isn’t ideal for yourself as well.


This is where home remodeling becomes essential. Renovations allow new rooms to rise and old ones to be used more practically. Are you planning to make ways to see your home in a new light? Make sure to have a run-through the following guide to improving your Mission Viejo Home:


Bathroom Remodeling

Small Upgrades can cost more than what they demand when you miss planning it all out. HomeAdvisor, a trusted home planning website, says that the average total cost for remodeling a bathroom is $9,659. Most homeowners in Mission Viejo might spend between $5,924 and $14,040. Interested in this type of upgrade for your home? See the following details about the common remodeling projects and their costs:


  • Install a Toilet

          Average cost: $370

  • Install a Shower

           Average cost: $3,272

  • Install a Bathtub

          Average cost: $2,991

  • Install a Bath Fan

         Average cost: $362

  • Install a Sink

         Average cost: $389

  • Install a Faucet

         Average cost: $241

  • Install New Plumbing Pipes

         Average cost: $1,042

  • Install a Mirror

         Average cost: $272


Kitchen Remodeling

Lots of time in a household are usually spent in the kitchen. This place is where health and wellness starts. Because of this, there’s no surprise why many homeowners in Mission Viejo want to upgrade this space. According to HomeAdvisor, an average of $22,113 is what most of them spend on a kitchen remodel. Most of them spend between $12,651 and $33,423. If you want to get those new cabinets or make use of shining countertops, see the following list of common kitchen remodeling projects and their average costs:


  • Install Cabinets

          Average cost: $4,896

  • Install Countertops

         Average cost: $2,905

  • Install Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

          Average cost: $1,757

  • Install Natural Stone Tile

         Average cost: $1,805

  • Install an Appliance

         Average cost: $188

Basement Remodeling

Talk about a space that just remains unfinished and just gathers dust. There goes your basement. It might just be your usual eerie space, but with the right basement remodel, it can become a warm extension of your home. Lots of homeowners in Mission Viejo have chosen to have basement remodeling. The cost is high, but it sure pays much as it should. According to HomeAdvisor, a homeowner has an average cost of $18,918 to remodel a basement. Do you want to know how much is the typical basement remodeling project would cost? See the details below for more information:


  • Seal a Basement or Foundation

           Average cost: $4,027


  • Install a Furnace

          Average cost: $4,210


  • Install a Wall

          Average cost: $1,781


  • Install Carpeting

           Average cost: $1,595


  • Install Wood Flooring

           Average cost: $4,400


  • Install Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring

           Average cost: $1,388


  • Install Laminate Flooring

          Average cost: $2,759


General Home Remodeling

For miscellaneous remodeling projects, here’s a list of how much each one will cost and where to from a local professional.


  • Garage Remodel

          Average cost: $10,667


  • Remodel a Swimming Pool

           Average cost: $8,144


  • Remodel for Disability Accommodation

           Average cost: $4,999


  • Paint a Home Interior

          Average cost: $1,757

  • Paint a Home Exterior

         Average cost: $2,769


  • Install a New Roof

         Average cost: $7,270


  • Build an Addition

          Average cost: $42,212


  • Build a Closet

         Average cost: $1,841


  • Install an Air Conditioning Unit

        Average Cost: $5,334

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