Your Guide to Mission Viejo
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When kids love what they’re doing, they’ll do it with loud giggles and wide smiles. If they don’t like the activities, tantrums are on its way. That’s why it’s essential to find fun and age-appropriate activities for kids.

Finding great activities for children in Mission Viejo in 2019 comes easy. Check out the following events for your next hangout sesh with the kids in the city and its nearby areas:


  • Jump n Jammin
  • 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 USA
  • 949 582-5890

Jump N Jammin welcomes children to its exciting activities. This place prides itself in putting excitement all in one place. It’s a huge indoor and interactive playground full of foam ball blasters. Let your kids enjoy the exploding foam ball volcano, ball vacuums, or the fun foam ball tip bucket.

There are interactive targets that will challenge your kids to crawl through the obstacles. If they love slides better, then giant ones await for them here. Visit the official page of Jump N Jammin for more details.


  • Oso Creek Trail
  • 27301 La Paz Rd., Mission Viejo, CA 92692
  • 949-470-8470

Loads of fun await for your kids at a small park in Orange County called Oso Creek Trail. This park in Mission Viejo known as The Oso Creek Fairy Trail offers a delightful way for your little ones to explore nature. Their belief in magic will have a different light as they search for ‘fairies.’ Countless ‘fairy sightings’ have made headlines as families, and small kids visit this place. Find out what’s the buzz all about as you explore such a magical place with your children.

Fairly-themed workshops happen here, and as you enjoy this attraction for free. Volunteers help keep the magic alive by handling activities like fairy house building. On weekends, additional fees apply.


  • Circus Trix OC
  • 25222 El Paseo, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • 949-445-1340

Bouncing off the walls have never this fun like how Circus Trix OC allows. Check out this place and its latest extreme sports. It’s part trampoline park and part Ninja Warrior training course. You can also consider it part aerial sports gym.

Let your kids take flight in this thrill-seeking attraction in Mission Viejo. As you visit this place, you can enjoy this 60,000-square foot facility. It includes the following

  • 60 trampolines
  • A zip line
  • Aerial silks
  • Half a dozen foam pits
  • Trapeze swings
  • Extreme dodgeball
  • An indoor AirDunk basketball court



Holidays mean more family time, and in Mission Viejo, children can enjoy lots of activities with the whole fam. La Jolla has put together various festivals and kid-centered events every year.

There are trick-or-treating chances at Halloween and eye-candy parades on July 4th and Christmas.


A local elementary school in the city hosts this market. It can happen either weekly, monthly  or annually. All of their activities are family-friendly, and the proceeds go to local educational and children’s programs.

On Sundays, you can bring the kids here to enjoy a market full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and goods. The local farmers and suppliers participate in this event. Live music also adds to the merriment in the air.

Your children can enjoy the chance of seeing musicians instead of just hearing them over the radio.

Every year, big crowds gather here for three main events: Art and Wine Festival, Harvest Festival and Market Anniversary and Spring Egg Hunt. All of these gatherings are family-friendly. Your kids might enjoy the Spring Egg Hunt most among the three.

No worries about joining the Art & Wine Festival because your children can also have fun in the many kids’ activities going on.

You can also bring your kids to a family event during every 3rd Sunday of the month. Activities vary so keep posted for more details.


Let your kids pick up a paintbrush and discover the inner Monet in them. You can let them join painting classes that ‘My Art Shed’ offers. Painters that underwent training in teaching are in this event. They know how to teach kids proper techniques as they have fun.


If you think you’ve explored enough attractions on land, then it might be time to let your kids explore the ocean floor. You can do this even without leaving the safety of the ground. Visit the Birch Aquarium and let the kids see everything from seahorses to Finding Nemo-inspired sights.

With learning activities involving knowledge of aquatic animals, it’s easy to make your little ones enjoy the place. 40,000 school children visit this attraction every year. Let your kids catch up on the beautiful life in the ocean deep, too.


If you’re interested in a family-friendly run, then check out Grunion Run. This late-night run has children and parents enjoying their dose of cardio. It’s an annual event in Southern California. It involves grunion, a breed of silvery fish, which rides to the coast to spawn. Thousands of them appear randomly at the shoreline. They usually show up from early spring to early fall.

What happens here is that people camp out on the shore. They often light up bonfire pits during the expected dates for grunions to show up. Between midnight and 3 am, the fishes appear in thousands on the beach.

As the fishes flail and jump on the beachside, people run to them. With buckets on hand, people grab as many fishes as they can. It’s a unique sight which your kids would enjoy.


Do you have kids that are extreme fans of the beach? Then bring them to a beach that’s precisely made for them. Although sea lions also love being here, kids can still enjoy this attraction.


As La Jolla sits right along the Pacific Ocean, it’s one of the top spots in San Clemente for water sports. Lots of trainers and organizations offer classes in water sports here. From surfing, kayaking, and sailing, you and your kids can learn these sports together. Contact local trainers to learn sports safely and under proper supervision.

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