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Famous People in Mission Viejo

Famous People in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo, CA is known for its extensive communities built under a single project in the United States. Its size is massive enough to house almost a hundred thousand of locals and visitors.

With the size of its population, there’s no doubt how it’s been home to many of today’s famous people in different fields. Check out some of the names that might ring a bell to you.

Notable People From Mission Viejo, CA

It’s no secret that Southern Orange County is home to many prominent stars. But before they’re today’s big names, they were once a kid like you. Check out the people who were born, raised or have lived in Mission, CA.

Famous Musicians from Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo, CA is also home to some of your idols in the music industry.
 Eddie Fisher (born 1973), musician, drummer, and percussionist
Eddie Fisher grew up in Mission Viejo, CA. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado, where One Republic is based.
Kina Grannis (born 1985), singer and songwriter
Grannis grew up in Mission Viejo, CA. She attended Mission Viejo Elementary School.
Matt Sorum drummer for Guns N’ Roses
Matt Sorum was born in the area of Orange County, CA on November 19, 1960. The area later became today’s city of Mission Viejo, CA.

Famous Actors and Actresses from Mission Viejo, CA

Scan through Mission Viejo’s list of famous actors and actresses. You might find your favorites if you read through.
Nan Leslie (1926–2000), actress
Nan Leslie spent her later years in Mission Viejo, CA. At the age of 74, Leslie died of pneumonia in 2002.
Kristy Swanson (born 1969), actress
Swanson was born and grew up in Mission Viejo, CA. She is the daughter of physical education teachers, Robert and Rosemary Swanson.
David Henrie  (born 1989), actor, Wizards of Waverly Place
Henrie was born in Mission Viejo, CA. He is the son of Linda, a talent manager, and James Wilson Henrie, a producer formerly in real estate.
Lea Moreno Young (born 1977), actress
Moreno was born in Mission Viejo, CA on November 10, 1977.
Courtland Mead (born 1987), actor
Mead was born in Mission Viejo, CA. He is the son of Denise and Robert Mead.
Noah Munck (born 1996), actor, iCarly
Munck lives in Mission Viejo in Orange County, CA. It’s also the place where he was born.

Famous Artists in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo also pays homage to many of its home-grown artists.
Kevin Fagan (born 1956), syndicated cartoonist for Drabble
Fagan is married to Cristi, and they have three children: Sean, Kelsey, and Brian. They currently live in Mission Viejo, CA.
Lee J. Ames (1921–2011), writer and illustrator known for the Draw 50… learn-to-draw books.
His family enjoys the community of Mission Viejo.
Pinky Lee (1907–1993), burlesque comic and children’s television host
He spent his later years and died at Mission Viejo in 1993.


Famous Athletes from Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is also given honor through the names of its athletes
 Allen Craig (born 1984), infielder/outfielder for the Boston Red Sox
Allen Craig was born in Mission Viejo, CA.
 Brian Goodell (born 1959), swimmer, gold medalist in 1976 Summer Olympics and world-record holder
He graduated from Mission Viejo High School and attended college at the University of CA, Los Angeles (UCLA).
Jordan Harvey  (born 1984), association football player
He was born in Mission Viejo, CA on January 28, 1984
Kyle Hendricks (born 1989) Major League Baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
Hendricks went to Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, CA.
Phil Hughes (born 1986), Major League Baseball pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
Hughes was born in Mission Viejo, CA on June 24, 1986. He attended Foothill High School in Santa Ana, CA
Julie Foudy (born 1971), soccer player, member of National Soccer Hall of Fame
Foudy was born in San Diego, CA. She grew up in Mission Viejo and attended Mission Viejo High School where she was a two-time First-Team All-American.
Florence Griffith Joyner (1959–1998), track-and-field gold medalist in 1988 Summer Olympics
Joyner spent her later years in Mission Viejo and died in her sleep at home in the Canyon Crest on September 21, 1998. She died at the age of 38.
Todd Marinovich (born 1969), quarterback for USC and in National Football League
He spent his high school years in Mission Viejo, CA.
Kaitlin Sandeno (born 1983), swimmer
Sandeno was born in Mission Viejo on  March 13, 1983.
Allison Scurich (born 1986), soccer player
Scurich was born in Mission Mission Viejo, CA, United States. She attended Mission Viejo High School in 2005.
 Greg Louganis (born 1960), Olympic gold medalist in diving
Louganis attended Mission Viejo High School, in Mission Viejo.
Jason Miller (born 1980), mixed martial artist
Miller lives in Mission Viejo, CA, USA
Ryan Powdrell  professional football player
Powdrell studied in Mission Viejo High School and graduated in 2002. He played Middle Linebacker & Fullback in his high school days. He led Mission Viejo to its first of four consecutive CIF-SS Championship game in 2001. It was an 18-9 win over Chino High School.
Drew Radovich professional football player
Drew Radovich was born on  June 20, 1985, in Mission Viejo, CA. He is a professional football player in Southern CA.
 Mark Sanchez professional football player
Sanchez further developed his skill in playing football when he joined  Mission Viejo High School.
Dara Torres Olympic swimmer
During Torres’ 1983–84 high school junior year, she left home to swim for the Mission Viejo Nadadores in Mission Viejo, CA. During this school year, she was also training for her first Olympics under coach Mark Schubert.
 Yiliang “Peter” Peng (born 1993) better known as “Doublelift,” professional League of Legends AD Carry for Team Liquid
Doublelift was born on July 19, 1993. He grew up in Mission Viejo, CA.
Brian Finneran (born 1976), Wide Receiver for Atlanta Falcons in the NFL
Finneran was born in Mission Viejo, CA on January 31, 1976

There goes your list of famous people from Mission Viejo. This community proves to be more than just an average place to live. Look at the long list of accomplished, famous people. If you think we missed names, let us know!

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