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Free Art Fun for Veterans & Their Families

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Veterans and their families will enjoy art-filled days at the Potocki Center for the Arts. There are two art happenings in Mission Viejo.

The first event is called the “It’s All in a Name” – Radial Design and Symmetry happening on October 5. Families will get the chance to create a kaleidoscope design using the letters of their names. Everyone is welcome, even those who don’t have art experiences.

Patrons will utilize lightbox, pen, colored pencils, and folded paper to make a colorful drawing. Professional artists and teachers will facilitate the activity. People of all ages will surely have fun.

The second event is the “Real Hero” experience led by artist Fernando Del Rosario. It will happen on October 15, 2019. This Tuesday evening, patrons will create a canvas design made from recycled comic magazines and collage. As an artist, Fernando has found a deep inspiration for real-life superheroes like our veterans and their brave service for our country.

All of the events have limited seatings funded by the “Veterans Connect at the Library” grant through the Mission Viejo Library. It’s a free activity for veterans and their families. Register for your preferred program by calling them today: (949)-830-7100.

Create art while being an inspiration in Mission Viejo. Register today!

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