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Adopt a Pet for only $20 in Mission Viejo

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The holiday season is currently taking place in Mission Viejo. While there’s that excitement in the air and people preparing for what to bake, cook and decorate their houses–our furry friends are just as excited, but for a whole other different reason. If you think your $20 won’t change anything, this is where you’ll stand corrected. That $20 can change the life of a dog without a home.

On Tuesday, there was an announcement that the residents of Mission Viejo have the opportunity to be the second chance for a pet’s life. Ranging from dogs to cats to guinea pigs and rabbits, for $20, you can provide a home for these loving animals.

This event is called “Thankful Fur a Home,” pretty sure there’s a creative pun intended there–which is cute, especially for an event made for pets. The event has promotion by the nonprofit group named Dedicated Animal Welfare Group or also known as DAWG.

Please don’t hesitate to visit the place or the center’s website if you’re interested in adopting one or two of their adorable pets. For more queries, call 949 – 470 – 3045.

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