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Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Mission Viejo

Every February 14 of the year, bouquets and heart-shaped balloons and chocolates flock the streets of many countries. This season is recognized worldwide. Although this day remains a working day, it’s still as unique as any other non-working holidays. Lovebirds show their affection through flowers and sweets. Handwritten letters are sent and received.

The heart’s day that we celebrate today isn’t what it is until the 15th century. Until then, it was a liturgical celebration of one of the early Christian saints named Valentinus.  All thanks to poets, modern romantic connotations were added several centuries later. Various ways to celebrate this day started to be part of the norm. How about you? Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Mission Viejo? Then don’t miss the chance to try any of these cool stuff to make the most out of this special day:

Try going to the movie theater.

Recline the chair and enjoy the company of your dear. Have a wonderful night at Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10. This theater opened in 1998 and continued to welcome everyone who wants to enjoy shows comfortably. Invite your loved one and munch over your favorite snacks and drinks. You can choose from the many great eateries in the area. Walk over to the movie and have hours of fun with your loved one.

Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10

  • 27741 Crown Valley Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
  • Sunday- Saturday
  • 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Take a relaxing sound bath and get your Zen on.

Take the day off during the V-day and enjoy a relaxing sound bath with your loved one. Experience the healing power of sound and vibration at MATIZ Wellness Center in Mission Viejo. This place welcomes everyone who wants to restore and revitalize the body, mind, and soul. Schedule an appointment on February 14 and receive a gentle bath in a loving and supportive environment. As you come here, you can soak in the subtle vibrations of ting bells, angel harp, and crystal singing bowls. Note that space is limited here, so you better book your slot before it runs out. You can also check out other unique services this wellness center offers:

MATIZ Wellness Center

  • Oso Medical Plaza
  • 26932 Oso Parkway, Suite 220
  • Mission Viejo, CA  92691


  • Massage & Body Therapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive/Transformational Coaching
  • Hydrocolon Therapy
  • BIO-MAT TherapyLight Therapy
  • Yoga

Re-create your first date.

First dates bear unique stories. On Valentine’s day 2019, go down the memory lane and revisit your first date. You can go to that local restaurant or visit that cocktail bar you first went together. Cheers over martinis as you reminisce the crossroads you’ve conquered together. Sometimes, celebrating love isn’t just all about creating new memories. It can also be about reimagining and revisiting the old ones. Laugh at your first awkward date and remember how you got to the second and the next ones.

Have breakfast in bed.

Celebrating Valentine’s day doesn’t only mean waking up to an expensive getaway destination. It can also be about waking up an hour earlier than usual and preparing a tasty breakfast for your loved one. Have time together before heading to work by enjoying your Valentine mood early in the morning. If you want to serve a delicious breakfast in bed, but you can’t cook early, you can also avail food delivery services in Mission Viejo. Check out our list of reliable ones as you prepare for Feb 14th.

Get an at-home couples massage.

Do you think heading to the spa would be impossible on Valentine’s day? No worries on wanting to get pampered. You and your soulmate can still share a relaxing massage session in the comfort of your home. Also, you can call a massage therapist duo to come to you. Download an on-demand app called Zeel.

There are also personalized gift cards that you can avail for your loved one. This present is ideal for any occasion, especially on the V-day. If your partner is one who’s impossible to buy for, then this might do perfectly well for them.

Enjoy wine tasting.

Have a warmer Valentine’s day celebration in Mission Viejo as you share a fine-tasting wine at Hidden Vine. This place holds organized wine tasting events on some Saturdays. It’s perfect for couples who can’t catch each other on weekdays, but still, want to have a day-off full of love and passion. Spend the day savoring six different high-quality wines, paired with yummy cheese and charcuterie. You can also look up various wineries in Mission Viejo that also await for your visit too. Paint your V-day red as you taste your favorite flavors of wine in the city.

Watch the sunset or sunrise.

Cuddle up under the bold and brilliant colors of the sky as the sun sets or rises. Mission Viejo is filled with some of the best viewpoints in OC. You can enjoy a trek on the way up to Oso Cree Trail. Catch the sunset or sunrise as you reach the peak. You can choose from the many trails of the city and get cozy under the blanket of lovely colors of the sky.

Have a fun photo shoot.

Is it the first time you’re celebrating Valentine’s day together? No matter how many years you went through this day, it’s still important to think of ways to make it a special one. For 2019, you can try having a fun photo shoot with your loved one. Choose from the many photographers in Mission Viejo and get that best photo you want. As you look back on this day, you can remember how happy you look together and reminisce the love you both worked for.

Serve up Valentine’s Day-inspired meal.

Learn Valentine’s Day-inspired meal and serve it to your beloved. Williams Sonoma in Mission Viejo offers lots of cooking classes. These classes are meant for every occasion, and V-day is one of them. You can join a technique class and learn how to improve your baking skills. Learn how to bake a buttery, flaky, jam-filled Linzer cookies. They’re easier to make with their cutters and roll-out cookie dough. Make them just in time for hearts day by joining the class on Sunday, February 10 at 11:00 am. Registration is only $30 per person. This fee will include Heart Linzer Cookie Cutter Set.

Go to paint night together.

Unleash the inner artist in you and don’t forget to drag your loved one too. Have am artistic, romantic date night at Pinot’s Palette in Mission Viejo. This place has a paint and sip studio that offers a relaxed and fun environment for everyone. No worries about not having any art experience. There’ll be a professional artist to walk you through the whole creative process. Celebrate Valentine’s day in Mission Viejo with a night of painting art and painting smiles. Make memories that can last a lifetime by having a souvenir from this art class.

Pinot’s Palette

  • 22235 El Paseo, Suite B, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • +1 949-899-3293

Commission a couples illustration.

Lots of illustrators in Mission Viejo can help you get that custom sketch you want. Prices vary depending on your preferences. Look up various artists online, and you’ve got yourself a lovely image of you and your soulmate during Valentine’s day 2019.

Watch your wedding video.

Young couple watching TV

This one’s a solid way to celebrate Valentine’s day this year. Calling all married couples. It’s the perfect time to reminisce your big day. Yes, your wedding videos are not just there for your anniversaries. Pop a bottle of champagne, cuddle up in your living room and start a marathon of your nuptial videos.

Try a couples workout.

Do you want to skip fancy dinner and get steamy instead? This Valentine’s day 2019, you can enjoy a couple’s workout too. If you’re in the mood for an exercise class, lots of gyms in Mission Viejo welcome couples on heart’s day. Ask your partner what routine he/she’s in for that day, and sign up for a session.

Spend the night doing karaoke.

Whether you’re coming single or you have your soulmate on this year’s Valentine’s day, going for a Karaoke night will still be a fun night. Karaoke Nights at Patsy’s is one of the well-known places to crash for great karaoke nights. Vent about a breakup or sing your love away, you can do it as you book a private room.

The Original Patsy’s Irish Pub

  • 28971 Golden Lantern #108    
  • Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
  • (949) 249-2604

Get a mixology lesson.

Sip on and have a taste of your favorite cocktails. This Valentine’s day, have drunk extra special by making your own. It gets better as you make them with your loved one. In Mission Viejo, you can join Mixology 101 Classes as you become a member of Dry Society. Check out its official website and know more about the perks of joining them.

Dry Society

  • 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Embrace singlehood.

Happy Grass Model Denim Woman Person

Valentine’s day is about all the kind of love that there is. While expressing love for the other half is common, this day isn’t limited to it. It can also be a celebration of self-love and everything that comes with it. If you’re single this Valentine’s day 2019, indulge in self-love. You can visit your favorite local bookstore, visit your favorite thrift shop and even take yourself to the movies. Self-love is one of the most basic yet most neglected aspects of human growth. Have some of it on the day of hearts. It’s guaranteed enjoyable and safe.

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