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Flipping properties have been a trend today. Many shows revolve around the exciting narrative of turning completely simple homes into a more organized one. In real estate, many people have also found the joy of turning a cheap property to a profit-generating investment. To see a sizable profit on investing...

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Having a baby soon is one of the most exciting moments of your life, and it’s not just the parents who are excited. Family and close friends are all looking forward to the birth of a bouncing baby boy or girl. That’s why most parents anticipate their close people to...

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When kids love what they’re doing, they’ll do it with loud giggles and wide smiles. If they don’t like the activities, tantrums are on its way. That’s why it’s essential to find fun and age-appropriate activities for kids. Finding great activities for children in Mission Viejo in 2019 comes easy....

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Connecting Mission Viejo with the MV Shuttle

Want to go around Mission Viejo for free? Hop on-board the MV Shuttle! The city of Mission Viejo offers everyone a ride in its full-vehicle wrapped bus at no cost. You can conveniently travel anywhere, whether you're from the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink Station to your any key destination in...

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Mission Viejo Public Library

Mission Viejo Public Library at 200 Civic Center, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 has all the sources that you need for research, Do-It-Yourself, history, and other educational books. Built in 1971, the original 9,000-square-foot library was operated by the Orange County Public Library System and became one of its branches that...

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Mission Viejo Dog Park

Dog Parks offer an excellent recreational place for bonding with your dog. As a pet owner, it would be sad to keep your pet inside your house. Dogs, just like humans, need to indulge in activities so that they won’t feel bored. This is one reason why our pets need...

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City Hall Information

Mission Viejo officially became a city on March 31, 1988. This City operates under the Council-Manager form of government. It’s a General Law City, and it doesn’t have a charter. The Mission Viejo City Hall is open to the public on weekdays, Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 AM until 5:00...

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Mission Viejo Animal Shelter

Every animal deserves loving care. And like humans, they need shelter. With stray animals roaming on the streets in Mission Viejo, animal advocates work together to give proper treatment to every stray animal. The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center aims to provide care, safety, and control of animals that wander...

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All You Need to Know About Lake Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is the largest master-planned community not just in Orange County but in the whole USA. The city always steps up the game when it comes to recreation for its residents and guests. No wonder we now enjoy one of the greatest human-made recreation areas in Southern California, Lake...

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Most Popular Places near Mission Viejo

Going on a trip with limited time can be both fun and exciting. You’ll need to catch the earliest train ride possible. If you’re bringing your vehicle, prepare for a long drive. Any experienced traveler would know that the key to making the most of the time you’ve got is...

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Luxury For Ladies in Mission Viejo 2019

When talking about luxury, images of women in beautiful clothing comes to mind. From wearing designer clothes to lounging in expensive accommodations, this could be the perfect definition of luxury. If you’ve got cash to spare, favorite leisure treatment by respected establishments is a good idea. Whether you want to...

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Safety Tips For Planning a Family trip to Mission Viejo

Traveling can open your mind and broaden your perspective. Whether well-planned or a spontaneous one, it serves lessons that last a lifetime. It’s one of the best therapy for the tired mind and the lost soul, but with family vacations, it better be done the safest way possible. This vacation...

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The Best Mission Viejo Neighborhoods for Raising Families

Raising a family can be a great challenge. But making the right decisions can lighten the load and makes you appreciate more the essence of having a family, just like choosing the right neighborhood where to raise your family. The community where you live can make a big impact on...

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A Guide to Improving and Remodeling Your Mission Viejo Home

A Guide to Improving and Remodeling Your Mission Viejo Home   You found a home with the perfect favorite location, and it came at an excellent price! It also sits on an ideal lot. Now, this sounds the best southern California treat you can ever have. All these factors are...

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5 Best Reasons To Move To Mission Viejo

The rankings have spoken! Mission Viejo is among the top cities in Southern California to find a home and live with your family. This information came from the list compiled by 24/7 Wall Street. Mission Viejo might be an expensive place to live in when it comes to good and...

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Where to Get the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day 2019 in Mission Viejo

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like flowers! Show your love with flowers this Valentine’ Day 2019 in Mission Viejo. Spell Valentine’s Day and you may hear someone shout, F-L-O-W-E-R-S. Statistics reveal that over 60% of us use flower bouquets to express our feelings on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are consistently at...

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Ideas to Help You Plan the Best Valentine’s Day 2019 Date in Mission Viejo

Social media starts to show Valentine’s day related posts again. From balloons to chocolate, from cookies to cakes, everything highlights the lovely sensation of loving and being loved. Some couples like simple celebrations, while others aim to have a unique one every year. True that there’s no right or wrong...

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Best Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Mission Viejo – Updated 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Valentine’s Day is one of the days of the year where you can show to someone special how much they mean to you. One of the romantic things you can think of now is setting a romantic dinner for two prepped with flowers, music, and candles. But how do...

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Mission Viejo

Every February 14 of the year, bouquets and heart-shaped balloons and chocolates flock the streets of many countries. This season is recognized worldwide. Although this day remains a working day, it’s still as unique as any other non-working holidays. Lovebirds show their affection through flowers and sweets. Handwritten letters are...

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New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Mission Viejo

The clock is ticking fast before we welcome the New Year in Mission Viejo! It’s time to bid goodbye to all the memories and experiences we had in 2018 and welcome the new year filled with hope and love. 2019 will feel overwhelmed with these New Year’s Eve celebrations in...

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12 Things To Do for the 12 days of Christmas in Mission Viejo

This yuletide season, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is heard everywhere from malls to the grocery to television commercials and more. Wherever you go, you can listen to about Six Geese Laying, Seven Swans-a-Swimming, and Eleven Pipers Piping. But it’s more than just a famous Christmas song. It’s a tradition...

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Holiday Happenings in Mission Viejo and Nearby this Year 2018

The holidays are here! Everyone’s really excited, and several plans have been made, I’m sure you have too. But just in case you don’t have ideas yet on the days ‘countdowning’ to Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, here are some holiday happenings in Mission Viejo and nearby cities this...

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Top wineries around Mission Viejo this coming Holiday Season

The most-awaited holiday season is here again. It gets colder each day. Every wine fanatics know the perfect place to shake the winter blues. You guessed it right. Wineries are a hit during winter, and it’s a great time to pair a glass of your favorite wine a flavorful meal....

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Mission Viejo Kids Christmas Activities 2018

Holiday spirits are here. It means that yearly activities for kids are also ready! While spending the evening wrapping gifts is one of the enjoyable things for them, there are things outside the home that can also be a worthwhile activity for them. Aside from making a Christmas wreath and...

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Where to Have Thanksgiving in Mission Viejo

Turkey Day is on the way! Thanksgiving Day is one of the most-awaited holidays in the United States. It’s a day where everyone is free to spend time with families and friends to enjoy a feast with a turkey in the centerpiece (and some pumpkin pie!). This special day will...

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Mission Viejo Christmas Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

Holiday decorations are rocking every mall in the city again. From silver balls to red poinsettias, everything seems so perfect. Add those glittery lights and other sparking ornaments, it’s definitely a time for Santa Claus to come to town again. While the Christmas vibe is building up, you might also...

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