Your Guide to Mission Viejo
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5 Best Reasons To Move To Mission Viejo

The rankings have spoken! Mission Viejo is among the top cities in Southern California to find a home and live with your family. This information came from the list compiled by 24/7 Wall Street. Mission Viejo might be an expensive place to live in when it comes to good and services, but living in this town has a lot of perks.

24/7 Wall Street determined the best city to live in every state based on the data collected from their crime, demography, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure, and leisure.

The high cost of living in Mission Viejo doesn’t level to all the best reasons to live here. If you’re considering to settle here and have second thoughts, we lay down the five best reasons to move to Mission Viejo today!


The first thing you should consider when moving to a new community is the safety of your family. Moving to Mission Viejo gives you the opportunity to live in a peaceful and safe community for your whole family.

Mission Viejo’s crime rate speaks for itself. According to Neighborhood Scout, the city’s crime index is 61 (100 being the highest).

Here are the annual crime record chances of being involved in specific crimes in Mission Viejo:

Violent Crime Record:

  • 1 Murder
  • 13 Rape
  • 26 Robbery
  • 61 Assault

Chance of being a victim:

  • 1 in 951

Property Crime Record:

  • 160 Burglary
  • 736 Theft
  • 79 Motor Vehicle Theft

Chances of being a victim:

  • 1 in 98


Orange County is known all over the country because of its beautiful beaches. When you move to Mission Viejo, hopping from one beach in a city to a different city becomes easy.

Plan a summer getaway without hassle to the wonderful shores of San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Oceanside, Dana Point, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, or Huntington Beach.


One of the factors to consider a city livable is the weather. Luckily, Mission Viejo has an awesome weather pattern that helps you plan the best outdoor activities in town. There are no recorded hurricanes or tornadoes as well as mudslides or flooding. Of course, it may rain hard every once in a while but nothing that can keep you awake at night.


What makes Mission Viejo an ideal retirement area is the premium senior community homes! These communities offer a resort-like active lifestyle to adults age 55 and above. Plus, there are a lot of social activities that will keep the retirees entertained.

There are two retirement communities in Mission Viejo: Casta del Sol and Palmia. Both gated communities have beautiful scenery that makes retirement rewarding. Seniors can choose either condo units or single family residences. They both have several amenities like a clubhouse, community pool, sports courts, and a golf course.

You don’t have any reason not to move to Mission Viejo and live the rest of your lives in a peaceful and senior-friendly city in Southern California.


If you’re thinking about moving to Mission Viejo, there are many great communities you can choose in this remarkable town. There are over 40 neighborhoods in Mission Viejo, and that’s no wonder considering it’s the largest master-planned community in Orange County. It’s easy to find a community where you feel like you belong and live in a house perfect for your family.

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